Guide to Buying IOTA With Paypal

The technology of the Internet of Things a powers networks comprised mostly of household appliances, vehicles, and other items that can be operated using electronic sensors. Experts have predicted that the IOTA network with have under its roster over 30 billion items by 2020 Iota is proving to be a very successful coin holding 12th position on the cryptocurrency charts after a small dip.

When it comes to cryptocurrency mining There is no need to mine MIOTA as all the tokens were generated and are already present on the market.

IOTA coin i still sought after and is still being bought and sold at a steady pace. We wanted to explore ways in which you can purchase the alt coin. Buying IOTA will Paypal has been an increasingly requested method of payment, however it is not so readily available as exchanges are reluctant to use Paypal for fear of charge backs and othere complications that come with it. This is unfortunately the case with the majority of exchanges and crypto pairings see our article on buying EOS with paypal

We found the only way to buy IOTA would be first to buy Bitcoin with a peer to peer network and then exchange the bitcoin for the required IOTA

virwox a Leading independent exchange for trading virtual currencies is the peer to peer we used

This is also the best way to Buy ripple as well as a lot of other altcoins

BTC/MIOTA  Exchanges We have identified a few BTC/MIOTA exchanges that you can use

Step By Step Method of getting IOTA with PayPal

STEP 1 Go to Virwox and Register a new account by clicking on “Not Registered yet” complete the registration with username and email address.
STEP 2 Login and change your password. Once logged in you will need to click on the deposit button located on the left. Add funds using PayPal.
STEP 3 Next, Purchase SLL with the funds now in your account. Go to exchange >>> USD/SLL or EUR/SLL The SLL bough will be used shortly to exchange for bitcoins.

STEP 4 Go to the Exchange >>> BTC/SLL and buy Bitcoins with your SLL. If you want the order fulfilled straight away place a ‘market order’, which wll give you the current available rate. However if you wish to get a better rate place a limit order, which will only be fulfilled oncw someone is ok with accepting you offer.

STEP 5 Once fulfilled you now own bitcoins.

STEP 6 Set up an account at the following recommended exchanges if not already registered and find your unique bitcoin deposit address

STEP 7 Log back in to your virox account and go to the withdraw section, add the bitcoin deposit adresss and input how much you wish to send.

STEP 8 The bitcoin should arrive in you Exchange account within an hour, where you can then purchase IOTA with the BTC/MIOTA Pairing This method is very similar when buying other alt coins with PayPal