Buy Ripple with Paypal

Buy Ripple (XRP) With Paypal

Ripple has fast become the second most dominant cryptocurrency out there after Bitcoin. In the first half of 2017 it saw a surge of 4000%. Today, the market cap of Ripple is more than $100 billion.
There has been no better time to invest in ripple, there are many ways to invest however we found out that one particular method of purchasing XRP seemed to be quite difficult. Purchasing Ripple XRP with PayPalRipple coin

Why is it difficult to buy Ripple XRP with PayPal

Many vendors are reluctant to use PayPal as payment Due to the high amount of charge backs they receive from discrepancies and fraudulent payments. So, they are few and far between. PayPal is quick and fast safe and so a preferred method of payment for many.

After a thorough search we have identified a few ways in which you can purchase Ripple through PayPal. In some methods this involves buying Ripple directly from source, other methods involve a few more steps before you can get you hands on some Ripple.


1 Buy Ripple XRP directly

Due to the issues with paypals chargebacks it is not the easiest to buy XRP Directly as many vendors choose to accept other methods of payment over PayPal Such as Credit card, Bank transfers and Bitcoin
We found cointal to be the only site that allow you to buy XRP directly


Cointal runs from London and takes an interesting approach to the world of crypto exchanges, as it features a peer to peer system allowing you to buy cryptocurrency such as Tron Trx of your choice via multiple methods of payment. Cointal is abbreviated from Coin portal with the websites aims reflecting this name. It has quick and easy registration process allowing you to purchase ripple in minutes.

24/7 support/chat support

If you choose to trade on Cointal, using PayPal as your payment method, protect yourself!

Before you release your coins make sure you have a photo of the buyers ID, and a signed note saying that they agree to the trade. I have had many, many people try and make a PayPal claim after purchasing coins from me.



2 Buy Bitcoin then exchange for Ripple XRP – BTC/XRP

Ripple is more commonly purchased by trading with other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.
we have also found a few exchanges where you are able to purchase bitcoin via PayPal.
Once you have done that, you can trade bitcoin for your desired XRP within the same exchange or in some cases transfer bitcoin to another cryptocurrency  exchange where you can then purchase ripple.


Paxful is another Peer to Peer exchange that allows you to purchase bitcoin instantly with PayPal and several other means of payment.
When visiting the site you simply input the amount of bitcoins required and then select PayPal as a payment, Paxful will then list available bitcoin to purchase from sellers. Each seller has a reputation from past trades and each specifies their Bitcoin exchange rate.


Again a Peer to peer platform, Local Bitcoins has been around for a long time, and has because of this been able to build up and establish a positive reputation in the bitcoin industry. This site allows you to Buy and sell bitcoin with members from around the world.
There is a very low transaction fee of 1% which is taken from sellers, however once transferring to your wallet or to another exchange bitcoin network fees should be expected

Again as always be careful and vet the seller before hand
Things to look out for
verified seller
account older than 3 months
Feedback score over 90%
Has at least a couple of trades under his/her belt


Once you have purchased your bitcoin you will want to move it to a crypto exchange that allows the purchase of XRP with Bitcoin. Usually
Below is a shortlist of trusted exchanges you can use