Guide to Buying Dogecoin With Paypal

For its short life dogecoin has done tremendously well, following its initial release early 2014 it has been able to triple in value. Dogecoins future sounds promising, see how individuals are capitalizing from crypto price surges. we wanted to show you a few different methods of purchasing Dogecoin such as buying Dogecoin with paypal.

As we have found out by examining the purchase of other crypto coins with Paypal like getting Cardano ADA with PayPal. It is not the easiest of tasks. This is due to vendors reluctance to use PayPal as they receive a huge amount of chargebacks. in the case of dogecoin we couldn’t find a single exchange which allows the purchase directly with USD, EUR GBP credit card or PayPal.

We did however find virwox, which will help us in the process of  buying Dogecoin through Paypal. Virwox is a leading independent exchange for trading virtual currencies. We found Virwox allows you to buy bitcoin with PayPal. So in order to get Dogecoin, you will have to first buy bitcoin initially and the trade this for Dogecoin on a relevant BTC/DOGE exchange.

BTC/DOGE  Exchanges We have identified a few BTC/DOGE exchanges that you can use

Step By Step Guide to buying DOGE with Paypal

STEP 1 Go to Virwox and Register a new account by clicking on “Not Registered yet” complete the registration with username and email address.
STEP 2 Login and change your password. Once logged in you will need to click on the deposit button located on the left. Add funds using PayPal.
STEP 3 Next, Purchase SLL with the funds now in your account. Go to exchange >>> USD/SLL or EUR/SLL The SLL bough will be used shortly to exchange for bitcoins.

STEP 4 Go to the Exchange >>> BTC/SLL and buy Bitcoins with your SLL. If you want the order fulfilled straight away place a ‘market order’, which wll give you the current available rate. However if you wish to get a better rate place a limit order, which will only be fulfilled oncw someone is ok with accepting you offer.

STEP 5 Once fulfilled you now own bitcoins.

STEP 6 Set up an account at the following recommended exchanges if not already registered and find your unique bitcoin deposit address

STEP 7 Log back in to your virox account and go to the withdraw section, add the bitcoin deposit adresss and input how much you wish to send.

STEP 8 The bitcoin should arrive in you Exchange account within an hour, where you can then purchase Dogecoin with the BTC/Doge Pairing This method is very similar when buying other alt coins with PayPal