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Choose the best cryptocurrency exchange with help from our comprehensive Crypto exchange Reviews.

What Are Crypto Exchanges?

There is a new economic movement unfolding, and it comes in the form of cryptocurrency. More and more people are using this digital form of money for things like investment purposes while enjoying private and secure payments. Thanks to blockchain technology, consumers are regaining power in terms of protecting their privacy, and maybe even generating an extra income via investment tactics. Yes, investing in the right digital currency can bring about some big returns, but it doesn't come without risk.

The fact is you need to be careful about where and how you become the owner of a cryptocurrency. And a good place to start your journey is by making the distinction between fiat and a C2C exchange. The former will see you buying cryptocurrencies directly using Dollars, Euros, or another government-backed currency. The latter is an exchange that sees you trading one digital currency for another. Now, are you looking for the best cryptocurrency exchanges 2019? Because the following list will provide the top choices you should be considering right now, and the reviews of each will be based on:

Binance crypto exchange


Binance is now ranked as one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide Binance has its foundations in china, although it does not serve china itself, instead it offer its services to traders worldwide

Despite the exchange being fairly new it has still managed to grow exponentially to be one of the top 10 largest exchanges across the globe It currently has a huge selection of cryptocurrencies, with the usual trade pairs of BTC ETH and LTC

The web development team have done a good job in ensuring user friendly operation cross platform as you are able to switch to and from web and mobile (Android & iOS) seamlessly

Getting Started

registration is quick and fast, only needing you email and a few other details to start trading

Binance has a low trading fee of 0.1%

bittrex crypto exchange


US Based cryptoexchange platform Bittrex is one of the largest  and most respected names in cryptocurrency,

It trades more than 190 cryptoicurrencies having great volume across its paris, making it a perfect exchange for buyers and sellers both large and small Bittrex is know to be well regulated and runs compliant with necessary rules. This should put its users at ease whilst trusting the exchange with their funds

Getting Started

Again registration is quick and easy, registering with your email is all that is needed, however once your ready to withdraw, the exchange will require further I.D documents before anything os released

Bittrex is a “crypto-only” exchange, meaning it doesn’t allow you to deposit fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, etc.

Kucoin logo


Even though KuCoin is one of the fresh faces in the cryptocurrency world, the history behind it stretches back all the way to 2011. This was when the creative team behind this exchange started their research regarding blockchain technology. They are also responsible for influential companies like GF Securities, among others.

Kucoin Home page

Interface And Security

The aim of the developers is pretty clear, much like the interface of the exchange. While offering a very user-friendly and straightforward functionality, it boasts with amazing security. So, you don't have to worry about any breaches with such an experienced team in charge. At the same time, the interface is state-of-art and puts you in a very informed position before making any final decisions.

With a growing exchange volume, and in spite of being fresh on the market, KuCoin can definitely be proud of their interface and security choices.

Purchasing Options

This exchange is a C2C platform, meaning you can trade between different digital currencies, and the withdrawal speed under certain amounts are very quick. However, as a new exchange, the pairings are somewhat limited. The good news is that the team makes it a priority to update new currencies on a regular basis, meaning the pairings won't stay limited for long. Also, keep in mind that they use common and popular pairings.

Applicable Fees

In terms of overall fees, KuCoin has to be one of the more impressive exchanges. For example, making a deposit doesn't cost you anything. And as for the trading fee, they take 0.1 % of the value from the asset being traded. This puts them at the top regarding exchange affordability.

Reasons For Using KuCoin

According to those with experience, customer support is quick, friendly and effective. But the modern/minimalist interface also makes it easy for both experienced and newbie traders to handle their business. In spite of the young age of the exchange, investor trust keeps growing along with the exchange volume.

Kraken Logo


This digital asset exchange can be traced back to 2011, and today it is one of the busiest exchanges on the market. Created by Jesse Powell, an individual who is considered a pioneer within the world of cryptocurrency, this platform has received some strong winds after growing as big. However, it is still allowing trades between digital currencies, and experts might be more interested than the newbies.

Kraken home page

Interface And Security

For those who are new to trading with cryptocurrencies, Kraken can be fairly intimidating. But it serves as the perfect platform for traders with experience and knowledge. It can be accessed through a computer or app, and the overall experience is very transparent. As for their security measures, you will be hard-pressed to find an exchange so prioritized towards protecting client interests.

With a growing exchange volume, and in spite of being fresh on the market, KuCoin can definitely be proud of their interface and security choices.

Purchasing Options

You can trade between 5 real currencies, which include the dollar, the pound, and euro. As for cryptocurrencies, you can trade with 17 different currencies. Naturally, the list includes big-hitters like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Applicable Fees

While the fees offered by Kraken are regarded as very trader friendly, how they are calculated is more complicated. But to give you some idea: - Maker: .16% - Taker: .26% You should also expect deposit fees depending on the currency you will be making the deposit in. .

Reasons For Using KuCoin

When you feel confident enough to trade like a professional, the fees on Kraken are great as well as the interface. In fact, it was made with professionals in mind, which is something to consider before approaching it as a beginner. However, it remains a big player in the game and the exchange volume is impressive, to say the least.



The CEX.IO cryptocurrency exchange offers something newbies and experts will appreciate, and it has been around since 2013 when it started as a Bitcoin exchange. In fact, it also served as a mining cloud up until 2015, but now it focuses solely on the exchange part.

CEX IO Exchange review

Interface And Security

Up until now, there has been no complaints or problems regarding the security of the platform. And as for the interface, it has been divided into two sections. The first is the brokerage service, which is recommended for newbies. This channel provides a clear-cut way to buy cryptocurrencies using a credit card or wire transfer. The trading platform is better suited for advanced traders, but the benefit of this option involves lower fees, which are discussed in a moment. .

Purchasing Options

In total, you can purchase 8 different cryptocurrencies through the brokerage service. Your choices include BTC, ETH, and XRP. On the trading platform, only these 3 currencies can be found, as well as BCH. It should also be mentioned that you can use CryptoCapital accounts to make purchases.

Applicable Fees

On the brokerage side, you pay premium fees of 8% for the purpose of fulfilling orders. On the trader platform, expect to pay about .2% max. .

Reasons For Using CEX IO

The two different interface choices and the fee options make this exchange a lucrative one. Plus, when you feel you have gained enough experience on the brokerage platform, you can switch to the advanced trader platform for lower fees.

coinbase best crypto exchanges


If you want to talk about heavy-hitters in the cryptocurrency market, Coinbase is definitely one of them. The exchange was launched in San Francisco 2012, and the next year, it boasted with the title of biggest Bitcoin startup and exchange.

Coinbase home page

Interface And Security

It is safe to say the people behind the platform are very good at maintaining protection and privacy, but you also get to trade cryptocurrency at a set price. This increases the speed of the trade, which is definitely a lucrative aspect. Overall, it doesn't take a degree in astrophysics to become familiar with the platform, and there is a reason why Coinbase has done business with more than 12 million clients already.

Purchasing Options

Unfortunately, you won't get the widest range of purchasing options, which is probably the only downside to using this exchange. For example, you can only buy BTC, ETH, and Litecoin at the moment.

Applicable Fees

Depending on the payment method, you can expect to pay between 1.49% and 3.99% per transaction, which is not too high when compared to most exchanges out there. .

Reasons For Using Coinbase

Apart from establishing a solid reputation, you can participate in quicker trades and work with a very user-friendly interface. In fact, Coinbase is one of the most recommended and best cryptocurrency exchanges 2019 for newbie traders, and the exchange volume speaks for itself.



This exchange has been in play since 2013, and you can find it operating in 188 countries, as well as 24 states. So, there is no question that this is a well-established fiat exchange. It initially only offered clients to purchase Bitcoin and Euthereum via debit and credit cards. But the range has been extended and is mentioned later in the review.

coinmama exchange

Interface And Security

Coinmama is considered a user-friendly platform that traders can master pretty quickly. However, it should be noted that you can't trade between cryptocurrencies, and neither can you sell them. You will also need to establish your own e-wallet destination, seeing as Coinmama doesn't store any of your personal information on its server. Overall, it's a very safe platform where you purchase digital currency directly from the company, making the transaction even safer.

Purchasing Options

As mentioned earlier, the exchange has added more digital currencies to their range. These include: - Litecoin - Cardano - QTUM - Ethereum Classic - Bitcoin Cash - Ripple XRP

Applicable Fees

Compared to most exchanges, the fees for Coinmama is a little high, but you get high purchasing limits. In terms of what you can expect to pay, at the time of the article the rates stood at 5.50% per transaction.

Reasons For Using Coinbase

In addition to providing a very secure cryptocurrency purchasing experience, the platform shows steady growth and development. Yes, it is still a small player, but the development is coming at a healthy pace. Plus, the interface is very easy.